Morley, Iain, 1975-

The prehistory of music : human evolution, archaeology, and the origins of musicality / Iain Morley. . - 1. ed. . - xiv, 447 s. ill. . - B29.713

Human evolution, archaeology, and the origins of musicality

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Conceiving music in prehistory -- Implications of music in hunter-gatherer societies -- Paleolithic music archaeology. 1, Pipes -- Paleolithic music archaeology. 2, Other sound-producers -- The paleoanthropology of vocalization. 1, Vocal anatomy -- The paleoanthropology of vocalization. 2, The brain and hearing -- Neurological relationships between music and speech -- Vocal versatility and complexity in an evolutionary context -- Vocal control and corporeal control : vocalization, gesture, rhythm, movement, and emotion -- Emotion and communication in music -- Rationales for music in evolution -- Conclusions -- Appendix. Table 1. Inventory of Palaeolithic reputed pipes and flutes ; Table 2. Inventory of Palaeolithic objects originally reputed to be pipes and flutes but since deemed unlikely ; Table 3. Inventory of Palaeolithic reputed phalangeal whistles.

Music is possessed by all human cultures, and archaeological evidence for musical activities pre-dates even the earliest-known cave art. Music has been the subject of keen investigation across a great diversity of field, from neuroscience and psychology to ethnography, archaeology and its own dedicated field, musicology. Despite the great contributions that these studies have made towards understanding musical behaviours, much remains mysterious about this ubiquitous human phenomenon - not least, its origins. This study brings together evidence from these fields, and more, in investigating the evolutionary origins of our musical abilities, the nature of music, and the earliest archaeological evidence for musical activities amongst our ancestors

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