Into the diaspora : essays on Medieval and Early Modern liturgical manuscripts at the University of Sydney / edited by David Andrés Fernández and Jane Morlet Hardie. . - xix, 345 sidor illustrationer, musiknoter 27 cm . - Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen Musicological studies ; Band CXIII ; Vol. CXII . . - Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen (Institute of Mediaeval Music) ; Band CXIII ; Vol. CXII . . - B33.299

Innehåller bibliografiska referenser (s. 315-342)

Part I : From the cloister. Two processionals from female monastic houses (Fisher Library RB Add. Mss. 416 and 420) / Considering two "Augustinian antiphonals" (Fisher Library RB Add. Mss. 367 and 411) / Si tu hęc servaveris, vitam ęternam promito : A seventeenth-century personal copy of the Clarist Rule and Constitutions from Peru (Fisher Library RB Add. Ms. 364) / Mary of the Snows, Paula the Widow, and slavery to Mary in Fisher Library RB Add. Ms. 376 : Defining features of an early modern compendium / Seeking identity and history for an antiphonal (Fisher Library RB Add. Ms. 413) / by David Andrés Fernández -- by David Andrés Fernández -- by Simon Polson -- by Robert Curry -- by Barbara Swanson -- by Kathleen E. Nelson. Part II : From the cathedral. The Cantoral Fisher Library RB Add. Ms. 370 : Musical and liturgical identity in the Spanish world / Fisher Library RB Add. Ms. 377 and the liturgy for the dead : A pre-Tridentine survival in a mid-seventeenth-century book / A sibling for Salamanca? : An early modern Graduale de tempore (Fisher Library RB Add. Ms. 349) in context / by Santiago Ruiz Torres -- by Grayson Wagstaff -- by Jane M. Hardie.


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