Contemporary artist residencies : reclaiming time and space /

Contemporary artist residencies : reclaiming time and space / Taru Elfving, Irmeli Kokko, Pascal Gielen (eds.). . - 271 pages 21 cm . - Antennae - arts in society ; no 27 . . - Antennae - arts in society ; no 27 . . - EMS : J9

Keywords: Art & ecology, Artistic practice, Mobility, Globalization

Includes bibliographical references and index

Reclaiming time and space : introduction / Taru Elfving & Irmeli Kokko -- Part 1, Residents and residencies: The temporary resident, a sequel / Alan Quireyns -- Time and space to create and to be human : a brief chronotope of residencies / Pascal Gielen -- From community buiding to digital presence / Bojana Panevska -- Part 2, Reframing and intensifying practices: Artistic intelligence and foreign agency : a proposal to rethink residency in relation to artistic research / Florian Schneider -- Antropofuga / Helmut Batista -- Grounding artistic development / Maria Hirvi-Ijäs & Irmeli Kokko -- Part 3, Institutional and artistic reflections: Residencies as programmatic spaces for communality : an interview / with Nina Möntmann ; Irmeli Kokko -- Inspiration / Patricia Jozef -- In the margin of a marginal segment : an interview / with Jean-Baptiste Joly ; Irmeli Kokko -- Part 4, Art ecosystems: Challenging the sense of time and space : an ethical confrontation in artist residencies / Francisco Guevara -- Rooted and slow institutions reside in remote places / Vytautas Michelkevičius -- Embedding/embedded… : a residency perspective from New York / Livia Alexander & Nathalie Anglès -- Part 5, Transitions: Yours, in solidarity / Donna Lynas -- Divided we move together : artists at risk (AR) at the interface of human rights and the arts / Ivor Stodolsky & Marita Muukkonen -- Going post-fossil in a neo-liberal climate / Jenni Nurmenniemi -- Residing in trouble / Antti Majava -- Cosmopolitics for retreats/ Taru Elfving

"Artist residencies provide space, time, and concentration for making art, doing research and for reflection. Residencies are crucial nodes in international circulation and career development, but also invaluable infrastructures for critical thinking and artistic experimentation, cross-cultural collaboration, interdisciplinary knowledge production, and site-specific research. The globalization process and the demands of the creative economy have had an impact on artist residencies. Ecological and geopolitical urgencies are now also affecting them more and more. In response, many residencies today actively search for more sustainable alternatives than the current neoliberal condition allows for artistic practice. With a range of critical insights from the field of residencies, this book asks what the present role of artist residencies is in relation to artists and the art ecosystem amid transformations in society." - Cover

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