Music and world-building in the colonial city : Newcastle, NSW nd its townships, 1860-1880 /

English, Helen J.

Music and world-building in the colonial city : Newcastle, NSW nd its townships, 1860-1880 / Helen J. English. . - viii, 215 sidor illustrationer . - Music in nineteenth-century Britain . . - Music in nineteenth-century Britain . . - B33.875

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Introduction: Music-making at the coalface of the empire ; The sights and sounds of the Coalopolis ; Aspirations and transposed traditions ; Music's affordances in the settler context: Case study 1: Miners' demonstraiton of 1874 ; Choirs at the local and global: community makers, vehicles of respectabilbity and colonial connectivity ; Singing, eisteddfodau and identity ; Case study 2: Nostalgia: a transnational concert at Lambton ; The minstrel mask: blackface mners at work and play ; Social inclusion: what township benefit concerts reveal about township values ; Final thoughts

Music and World-Building in the Colonial City investigates how nineteenth-century migrants to Australia used music as a resource for world-building, focusing on coalmining regions of New South Wales. It explores how music-making helped British migrants to create communities in unfamiliar country, often with little to no infrastructure. Its key themes are as follows: people's relationships to music within specific contexts; how music-making intersects with class, gender and ethnic background; identity through music. Situated within a wider discourse on music and identity, music and well-being and music and emotions, this is an authoritative study of historical communities and their relationship with music. It will be of particular interest to scholars and researchers working in the fields of sociomusicology, colonial studies and cultural studies.



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