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Global Bollywood : travels of Hindi song and dance / Sangita Gopal, Sujata Moorti, editors

av Gopal, Sangita [edt] | Moorti, Sujata, 1963- [edt].

Förlag: Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, 2008Åtkomst: Publisher description Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C11.384] (1).
Ancient traditions - future possibilities : rhythmic training through the traditions of Africa, Bali and India / by Matthew Montfort.

av Montfort, Matthew [aut].

Utgåva: 1st ed.Language: English Publisher: Mill Valley, Calif. Panoramic Press, 1985Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: A 5381] (1).
The Garland encyclopedia of world music. Vol. 5, South Asia : the Indian subcontinent / Alison Arnold, editor

av Nettl, Bruno, 1930- [oth] | Stone, Ruth M [oth] | Rice, Timothy [oth] | Porter, James [oth] | Arnold, Alison [oth].

Förlag: New York : Garland, 2000Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: A 3791] (1).
The rāgas of early Indian music : modes, melodies, and musical notations from the Gupta period to c. 1250 / Richard Widdess

av Widdess, Richard.

Förlag: Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1995Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B21.573] (1).
Indian music and the West / Gerry Farrell

av Farrell, Gerry.

Förlag: Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1997Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B21.865] (1).
Music of the Raj : a social and economic history of music in late eighteenth-century Anglo-Indian society / Ian Woodfield

av Woodfield, Ian.

Förlag: New York : Oxford University Press, 2000Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B23.362] (1).
Music of Hindu Trinidad : songs from the India diaspora / Helen Myers

av Myers, Helen.

Förlag: Chicago, Ill. : University of Chicago Press, 1998Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B22.820] (1).
Music and musical thought in early India / Lewis Rowell

av Rowell, Lewis.

Förlag: Chicago : Univ. of Chicago Press, 1992Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B20.209] (1).
Imaging sound : an ethnomusicological study of music, art, and culture in Mughal India / Bonnie C. Wade

av Wade, Bonnie C.

Förlag: Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1998Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: A 3678] (1).
Whose master's voice? : the development of popular music in thirteen cultures / edited by Alison J. Ewbank and Fouli T. Papageorgiou

av Ewbank, Alison J [oth] | Papageorgiou, Fouli T [oth].

Förlag: Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1997Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B22.066] (1).
Khyāl : creativity within North India's classical music tradition / Bonnie C. Wade

av Wade, Bonnie C.

Förlag: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1984Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B17.730] (1).
The tabla of Lucknow : a cultural analysis of a musical tradition / James Kippen

av Kippen, James.

Förlag: Cambridge : Cambridge Univ. Press, 1988Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: A 3876] (1).
Dance of life : popular music and politics in Southeast Asia / Craig A. Lockard

av Lockard, Craig A.

Förlag: Honolulu : University of Hawai'i Press, cop. 1998Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B22.506] (1).
Dance and music in South Asian drama : Chhau, Mahākālī pyākhan and Yakshagāna / report of Asian Traditional Performing Arts 1981 ; [edited by] Koizumi Fumio ...

av Asian Traditional Performing Arts (3 : 1981) | Koizumi, Fumio [oth].

Förlag: Tokyo : Academia Music, cop. 1983Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: A 2709] (1).
The Karen bronze drums of Burma : types, iconography, manufacture, and use / by Richard M. Cooler

av Cooler, Richard M.

Förlag: Leiden : Brill, 1995Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: A 3403] (1).
The Darbhangā tradition : dhrupada in the school of Pandit Vidur Mallik / Selina Thielemann

av Thielemann, Selina.

Utgåva: 1. ed.Language: English, Hindi, Sanskrit Förlag: Varanasi, U.P., Indien : Indica Books, 1997Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B22.477] (1).
Time in Indian music : rhythm, metre, and form in North Indian rāg performance / Martin Clayton

av Clayton, Martin.

Förlag: Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2000Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B23.526] (1).
Cassette culture : popular music and technology in North India / Peter Manuel

av Manuel, Peter.

Förlag: Chicago : Univ. of Chicago Press, 1993Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B20.458] (1).
Music in South India : the Karnatak concert tradtion and beyond : experiencing music, expressing culture / T. Viswanathan, Matthew Harp Allen

av Viswanathan, Tanjore | Allen, Matthew Harp [aut].

Förlag: New York : Oxford University Press, 2004Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C 9663] (1).
Music in North India : experiencing music, expressing culture / George E. Ruckert

av Ruckert, George.

Förlag: New York : Oxford University Press, 2004Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C 9709] (1).
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