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Black rhythms of Peru : reviving African musical heritage in the Black Pacific / Heidi Carolyn Feldman.

av Feldman, Heidi Carolyn, 1965- [aut].

Language: English Publisher: Middletown, Conn. Wesleyan University Press, cop. 2006Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B25.560] (1).
Black dance in London, 1730-1850 : innovation, tradition and resistance / Rodreguez King-Dorset.

av King-Dorset, Rodreguez [aut].

Language: English Publisher: Jefferson, N.C. McFarland & Co. c2008Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C13.238] (1).
Rebel dance, renegade stance : Timba music and Black identity in Cuba / Umi A. Vaughan

av Vaughan, Umi.

Förlag: Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, c2012Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C13.029] (1).
Black music of two worlds : African, Caribbean, Latin, and African-American traditions / John Storm Roberts

av Roberts, John Storm.

Utgåva: 2. [rev.] ed.Förlag: New York : Schirmer, 1998Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B22.518] (1).
Where is the way : song and struggle in South Africa / Helen Q. Kivnick.

av Kivnick, Helen Q.

Language: English Publisher: New York : Penguin Books, 1990Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C 7252] (1).
African stars : studies in black South African performance / Veit Erlmann.

av Erlmann, Veit [aut].

Language: English Publisher: Chicago : Univ. of Chicago Press, cop. 1991Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B19.783] (1).
More than drumming : essays on African and Afro-Latin music and musicians / edited by Irene V. Jackson

av Jackson, Irene V [oth].

Förlag: Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, cop. 1985Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C 6404] (1).
Black music in Britain : essays on the Afro-Asian contribution to popular music / edited by Paul Oliver.

av Oliver, Paul, 1927-2017 [edt].

Language: English Publisher: Milton Keynes : Open University Press, 1990Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B19.274] (1).
An introduction to feminism and theatre / Elaine Aston.

av Aston, Elaine [aut].

Language: English Publisher: London : Routledge, 1995Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C10.605] (1).
In township tonight! : South Africa's black city music and theatre / David Coplan

av Coplan, David.

Förlag: London : Longman, 1985Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B18.018] (1).
The African diaspora : a musical perspective / edited by Ingrid Monson.

av Monson, Ingrid T [edt].

Language: English Publisher: New York : Garland, 2000Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B23.317] (1).
Othello and interpretive traditions / Edward Pechter.

av Pechter, Edward [aut].

Language: English Publisher: Iowa City : University of Iowa Press, c1999Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B26.717] (1).
Black American music : past and present / Hildred Roach

av Roach, Hildred.

Utgåva: 2. ed.Förlag: Malabar, Fla. : Krieger Publ., 1992Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: A 3291] (1).
Drumming for the gods : the life and times of Felipe García Villamil, santero, palero, and abakuá / by María Teresa Vélez

av Vélez, María Teresa.

Förlag: Philadelphia : Temple University Press, cop. 2000Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B23.221] (1).
Africa and the blues / Gerhard Kubik

av Kubik, Gerhard.

Förlag: Jackson, Miss. : Univ. Press of Mississippi, cop. 1999Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B23.265] (1).
Turn up the volume! : a celebration of African music / Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje, editor ; with contributions by Ernest Brown ...

av DjeDje, Jacqueline Cogdell [oth] | Brown, Ernest [oth] | University of California, Los Angeles. Fowler Museum of Cultural History [oth].

Förlag: Los Angeles : UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History, 1999Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: REF Ijv-p] (1).
The music of Santeria : traditional rhythms of the Batá drums / John Amira and Steven Cornelius.

av Amira, John | Cornelius, Steven.

Language: English Publisher: Crown Point, Ind. White Cliffs Media, cop. 1992Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B20.177] (1).
Musiques et danses afro-caraïbes : Martinique / [Sully Cally]

av Cally, Sully.

Förlag: Gros-Morne [Martinique] : Sully-Cally/Lezin, cop. 1990Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B20.005] (1).
When music migrates : crossing British and European racial faultlines, 1945-2010 / Jon Stratton.

av Stratton, Jon [aut].

Language: English Publisher: Farnham, Surrey : Ashgate, [2014]Åtkomst: Inhaltsverzeichnis Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B30.225] (2).
Black popular music in Britain since 1945 / edited by Jon Stratton, Curtin University, Australia, Nabeel Zuberi, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

av Stratton, Jon [edt] | Zuberi, Nabeel, 1962- [edt].

Language: English Publisher: Burlington, VT : Ashgate, 2014Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B30.294] (1).
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