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Mask and performance in Greek tragedy : from ancient festival to modern experimentation / David Wiles.

av Wiles, David [aut].

Materialtyp: Book.Language: English Publisher: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2007Åtkomst: Table of contents only | Contributor biographical information | Publisher description Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B27.239] (1).
Tragedy and the tragic : Greek theatre and beyond / edited by M. S. Silk.

av Silk, M. S. (Michael Stephen), 1941- [edt].

Materialtyp: Book.Language: English Publisher: 1998-2003Publisher: Oxford : Clarendon, 1998Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C13.166 M] (1).
Tragedy in Athens : performance space and theatrical meaning / David Wiles.

av Wiles, David [aut].

Materialtyp: Book.Language: English Publisher: Cambridge : Cambridge Univ. Press, 1997Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B29.625 M] (1).
Greek tragedy and the emotions : an introductory study / W.B. Stanford

av Stanford, William Bedell, 1910-1984.

Materialtyp: Book.Förlag: London : Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1983Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C12.683 M] (1).
Musical design in Sophoclean theater / William C. Scott

av Scott, William C. (William Clyde), 1937-.

Materialtyp: Book.Förlag: Hanover : Dartmouth College, cop. 1996Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B21.494] (1).
Dying acts : death in ancient Greek and modern Irish tragic drama / Fiona Macintosh.

av Macintosh, Fiona [aut].

Materialtyp: Book.Language: English Publisher: Cork : Cork University Press, 1994Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B27.277] (1).
De la lettre à la scène, la tragédie grecque / Farid Paya

av Paya, Farid.

Language: French Förlag: Saussan : Entretemps éditions, 2000Tillgänglighet: (1)
The mourning voice : an essay on Greek tragedy / Nicole Loraux ; translated from the French by Elizabeth Trapnell Rawlings ; foreword by Pietro Pucci.

av Loraux, Nicole [aut].

Föredragen titel: Voix endeuillée Engelska.Language: English Original language: French Publisher: Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2002Tillgänglighet: (1)
Genealogy of the tragic : Greek tragedy and German philosophy / Joshua Billings.

av Billings, Joshua, 1985- [aut].

Materialtyp: Book.Language: English Publisher: Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press, 2014Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B30.451] (1).
Karaktertegning i den græske Tragedie / S.L. Tuxen

av Tuxen, Sören Ludvig.

Materialtyp: Book.Förlag: Köbenhavn : Nordiske Forlag, 1900Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C14.418 M] (1).
Oxford readings in Greek tragedy / edited by Erich Segal

av Segal, Erich [edt].

Materialtyp: Book.Förlag: Oxford : Oxford University Press, 1983Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C15.777 M] (1).
The Cambridge companion to Greek tragedy / edited by P. E. Easterling

av Easterling, P. E [oth].

Materialtyp: Unknown.Förlag: Cambridge : Cambridge Univ. Press, 1997Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: 2C] (1).
The poetics of Greek tragedy / Malcolm Heath

av Heath, Malcolm.

Materialtyp: Unknown.Förlag: London : Duckworth, 1987Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: 2C] (1).
Interpreting Greek tragedy : myth, poetry, text / Charles Segal

av Segal, Charles.

Materialtyp: Unknown.Förlag: Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell Univ. Press, 1986Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: 2C] (1).
Electra and the empty urn : metatheater and role playing in Sophocles / Mark Ringer

av Ringer, Mark.

Materialtyp: Unknown.Förlag: Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, 1998Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: 3A] (1).
Surviving Greek tragedy / Robert Garland.

av Garland, Robert [aut].

Materialtyp: Unknown.Language: English Publisher: London : Duckworth, 2004Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: 2C] (1).
Aeschylus : in two volumes. 2 Agamemnon ; Libation-bearers ; Eumenides : fragments / Aeschylus ; with an English translation by Herbert Weir Smyth ; the appendix containing the more considerable fragments published since 1930 and a new text of fr. 50 is edited by Hugh Lloyd-Jones.

av Aischylos, ca 525-456 f.Kr [aut] | Aischylos, ca 525-456 f.Kr. Agamemnon | Aischylos, ca 525-456 f.Kr. Gravoffret | Aischylos, ca 525-456 f.Kr. Eumeniderna | Smyth, Herbert Weir [trl] | Lloyd-Jones, Hugh [edt].

Föredragen titel: Agamemnon. Engelska & grekiska.Materialtyp: Book.Language: English, Greek, Ancient (to 1453) Original language: Greek, Ancient (to 1453) Publisher: London : Cambridge, Mass. Heinemann ; Harvard University Press, 1963Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: D 1376 M] (1).
Tragedy's endurance : performances of Greek tragedies and cultural identity in Germany since 1800 / Erica Fischer-Lichte.

av Fischer-Lichte, Erika [aut].

Materialtyp: Book.Utgåva: First editionLanguage: English Publisher: Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C15.737] (1).
Lycurgan Athens and the making of classical tragedy / Johanna Hanink.

av Hanink, Johanna, 1982- [aut].

Materialtyp: Book.Utgåva: 1. publ.Language: English Publisher: New York : Cambridge Univ. Press, 2014Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C15.983] (1).
The mortal voice in the tragedies of Aeschylus / Sarah Nooter, University of Chicago.

av Nooter, Sarah [aut].

Language: English Publisher: Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2017Åtkomst: Available to Stanford-affiliated users. | Klicka här för åtkomst Tillgänglighet: (1)
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