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Större än så här : tankar för en genusnyfiken gestaltning / [text: Liv Elf Karlén, Emma Stormdal, Rebecca Vinthagen ; illustratör: Lina Eriksson ; fotografi: Leslie Lesly-Spinks ...].

av Elf Karlén, Liv, 1982- | Stordal, Emma, 1979- [aut] | Vinthagen, Rebecca, 1973- [aut] | Eriksson, Lina [ill].

Language: Swedish Publisher: Stockholm : Atlas, 2008Åtkomst: Omslagsbild Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C11.966 M] (1).
Women in American musical theatre : essays on composers, lyricists, librettists, arrangers, choreographers, designers, directors, producers and performing artists / edited by Bud Coleman and Judith Sebesta.

av Coleman, Bud [edt] | Sebesta, Judith, 1966- [edt].

Language: English Publisher: Jefferson, N.C. McFarland & Comp. 2008Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C13.332] (1).
Orte der Musik : kulturelles Handeln von Frauen in der Stadt / herausgegeben von Susanne Rode-Breymann.

av Rode-Breymann, Susanne [edt] | Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover.

Language: German Publisher: Köln : Böhlau, 2007Annan titel: Kulturelles Handeln von Frauen in der Stadt.Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B27.966] (1).
Women's romantic theatre and drama : history, agency, and performativity / edited by Lilla Maria Crisafulli and Keir Elam.

av Crisafulli, Lilla Maria [edt] | Elam, Keir [edt].

Language: English Publisher: Farnham : Ashgate, 2010Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B27.822] (1).
Labors lost : women's work and the early modern English stage / Natasha Korda.

av Korda, Natasha [aut].

Language: English Publisher: Philadelphia, Pa. University of Pennsylvania Press, c2011Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B29.175] (1).
The making of the West End stage : marriage, management and the mapping of gender in London, 1830-1870 / Jacky Bratton.

av Bratton, J. S. (Jacqueline S.) [aut].

Language: English Publisher: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2011Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B28.350] (1).
Women making Shakespeare : text, reception, performance / edited by Gordon McMullan, Lena Cowen Orlin and Virginia Mason Vaughan.

av McMullan, Gordon, 1962- [edt] | Orlin, Lena Cowen [edt] | Vaughan, Virginia Mason [edt].

Language: English Publisher: London ; New York : Bloomsbury Arden Shakespeare, 2014Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C13.027] (1).
Grotowski, women, and contemporary performance : meetings with remarkable women / Virginie Magnat.

av Magnat, Virginie [aut].

Language: English Publisher: New York : Routledge, 2013Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B29.470] (1).
Echo's voice : the theatres of Sarraute, Duras, Cixous and Renaude / by Mary Noonan.

av Noonan, Mary | Modern humanities research association.

Language: English Publisher: Leeds : Maney publishing, 2014Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B29.730] (1).
Women in American theatre / edited by Helen Krich Chinoy and Linda Walsh Jenkins.

av Chinoy, Helen Krich [edt] | Jenkins, Linda Walsh [edt].

Utgåva: Rev. and expanded 3. ed.Language: English Publisher: New York : Theatre Communications Group, 2006Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B29.871] (1).
Feminist theatre and theory : [contemporary critical essays] / edited by Helene Keyssar.

av Keyssar, Helene [oth].

Language: English Publisher: Houndmills : Macmillan Press, 1996Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C10.280] (1).
Women and theatre in the age of suffrage : the Pioneer Players, 1911-1925 / Katharine Cockin.

av Cockin, Katharine [aut].

Language: English Publisher: Basingstoke : Macmillan, 2001Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C15.246 M] (1).
An introduction to feminism and theatre / Elaine Aston.

av Aston, Elaine [aut].

Language: English Publisher: London : Routledge, 1995Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C10.605] (1).
Renaissance drama by women : texts and documents / edited by S. P. Cerasano and Marion Wynne-Davies.

av Sidney, Mary, 1561-1621. The tragedy of Antonie | Cary, Elizabeth, 1585-1639. The tragedy of Mariam | White, Robert. Cupid's banishment | Wroth, Mary, ca 1586-ca 1640. Love's victory | Brackley, Elizabeth. The concealed fancies | Cavendish, Jane. The concealed fancies | Cerasano, S. P [edt] | Wynne-Davies, Marion [edt].

Language: English Publisher: London : Routledge, 1996Tillgänglighet: (1)
Women and Victorian theatre / Kerry Powell.

av Powell, Kerry [aut].

Language: English Publisher: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1997Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B31.484] (1).
Feminist theatre practice : a handbook / Elaine Aston.

av Aston, Elaine [aut].

Language: English Publisher: London : Routledge, 1999Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C11.275 M] (1).
A good night out for the girls : popular feminisms in contemporary theatre and performance / Elaine Aston and Geraldine Harris.

av Aston, Elaine, 1958- | Harris, Geraldine.

Language: English Publisher: Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C13.724] (1).
Women dramatists, humor, and the French stage : 1802-1855 / Joyce Johnston.

av Johnston, Joyce, 1971- [aut].

Language: English Publisher: New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C13.800] (1).
Performing women/performing womanhood : theatre, politics, and dissent in North India / Nandi Bhatia.

av Bhatia, Nandi, 1963- [aut].

Language: English Publisher: New Delhi ; Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2011Annan titel: Performing women, performing womanhood.Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C14.030] (1).
Contemporary Japanese women's theatre and visual arts : performing girls' aesthetics / Nobuko Anan.

av Anan, Nobuko [aut].

Language: English Publisher: Basingstoke ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2016Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C14.091] (1).
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