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The future of the music business : how to succeed with the new digital technologies : a guide for artists and entrepeneurs / by Steve Gordon

av Gordon, Steve.

Materialtyp: Book.Förlag: San Francisco, CA : Backbeat Books, 2005Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B24.742] (1).
Echo & reverb : fabricating space in popular music recording 1900-1960 / Peter Doyle

av Doyle, Peter, 1951-.

Materialtyp: Book | Book.Förlag: Middletown, CT : Wesleyan University Press, 2005Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B24.848] (2).
Modern recording techniques / David Miles Huber, Robert E. Runstein

av Huber, David Miles | Runstein, Robert E [aut].

Materialtyp: Book.Utgåva: 6. ed.Förlag: Boston : Focal Press, cop. 2005Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B25.914] (1).
High-quality sound production and reproduction : sound studio and outside broadcasting practice / compiled by H. Burell Hadden

av Hadden, H. Burrell.

Materialtyp: Book.Förlag: London : Iliffe, 1962Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B 9652] (1).
Tape recording and reproduction / A.A. McWilliams

av McWilliams, Allan Arthur.

Materialtyp: Book.Förlag: London : Focal Press, 1964Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B 9909] (1).
Ljuddesign för scenen / Anders Aare ; [illustrationer: Anders Aare och Edvard Derkert].

av Aare, Anders, 1963- [aut, ill] | Derkert, Edvard, 1954- [ill].

Materialtyp: Book | Book | Book.Utgåva: 1. uppl.Language: Swedish Publisher: Malmö : Liber, 2009Manufacturer: Egypten Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: EMS : H1] (3).
Vad är det jag hör? : analys av musikinspelningar / Gunnar Ternhag.

av Ternhag, Gunnar, 1948-.

Materialtyp: Book | Book | Book.Language: Swedish Publisher: Göteborg : Ejeby, 2009Manufacturer: Göteborg : Sandstens tryckeri Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: EMS : G1] (2). Utlånad (1).
The Cambridge companion to recorded music / edited by Nicholas Cook ..

av Cook, Nicholas, 1950- [edt].

Materialtyp: Book.Language: English Publisher: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2009Annan titel: Recorded music.Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B27.064] (1).
Behind the glass. Volume II : top producers tell how they craft the hits / Howard Massey.

av Massey, Howard.

Materialtyp: Book.Förlag: Milwaukee, WI : Enfield : Backbeat Books ; Publishers Group UK [distributor], 2009Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B28.803] (1).
Sound souvenirs : audio technologies, memory and cultural practices / edited by Karin Bijsterveld & José van Dijck.

av Bijsterveld, Karin, 1961- [edt] | Dijck, José van [edt].

Materialtyp: Book.Language: English Publisher: Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, 2009Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: EMS : H2] (1).
Sound and recording / Francis Rumsey and Tim McCormick

av Rumsey, Francis | McCormick, Tim.

Materialtyp: Book.Utgåva: 6. ed.Language: English Förlag: Oxford : Focal Press, 2009Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: EMS : H1] (1).
How to record your own music and get it on the Internet / Leo Coulter and Richard Jones.

av Coulter, Leo | Jones, Richard.

Materialtyp: Book.Language: English Publisher: New York, N.Y. Chartwell Books, 2009Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: C11.189] (1).
An introduction to music technology / Dan Hosken

av Hosken, Daniel W. (Daniel William).

Materialtyp: Book.Förlag: New York : Routledge, 2011Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B28.505] (1).
The microphone book / John Eargle

av Eargle, John.

Materialtyp: Book.Utgåva: 2nd ed.Förlag: Oxford : Focal, 2004Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: EMS : H1] (1).
Sonic persuasion : reading sound in the recorded age / Greg Goodale.

av Goodale, Greg, 1966- [aut].

Materialtyp: Book.Language: English Publisher: Urbana : University of Illinois Press, 2011Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: EMS : C1] (1).
Digital sound synthesis by physical modeling using the functional transformation method / Lutz Trautmann and Rudolf Rabenstein

av Trautmann, Lutz | Rabenstein, Rudolf.

Materialtyp: Book.Förlag: New York : Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, cop. 2003Åtkomst: Publisher description | Cover Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: EMS : A4] (1).
Mixing audio : concepts, practices and tools / Roey Izhaki.

av Izhaki, Roey [aut].

Materialtyp: Book | Book.Utgåva: 2nd ed.Language: English Publisher: Oxford : Focal, 2012Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: EMS : H1] (2).
The sound handbook / Tim Crook.

av Crook, Tim, 1959- [aut].

Materialtyp: Book.Language: English Publisher: Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2012Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: B28.943] (1).
Music technology / Julio d'Escrivan

av Escrivan Rincón, Julio d', 1957-.

Materialtyp: Book.Language: English Förlag: Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2011Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: EMS : H1] (1).
The science of sound recording / Jay Kadis

av Kadis, Jay.

Materialtyp: Book.Förlag: Waltham, MA : Focal Press, 2012Tillgänglighet: Tillgängliga exemplar: [Hyllplacering: EMS : H1] (1).
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