Musiklitteratur sommaren och hösten 2020 RSS feed for public list Musiklitteratur sommaren och hösten 2020 Harbingers of twentieth-century neo-classicism / by Egeland Hansen, Finn, From silence to sound : by Yudkin, Jeremy, Good things happen slowly : by Hersch, Fred Psalmernas väg : by Nisser, Per Olof, Psalmernas väg : by Karlsson, Karin Die Höflichkeit musikalischer Form : by Rentsch, Ivana, I fjärran hörs ett ljud : by Svedberg, Roger, Bellmansstudier Psalmer för folket : Solo for piano by John Cage, second realization Solo for piano by John Cage, second realization by Cage, John, Mein Engel, mein alles, mein Ich : by Mott, Sophia, Switched on pop : by Sloan, Nate, David Björling : by Henrysson, Harald, The producer's manual : by White, Paul, A brief history of Acid House : by Raval, Suddi Eric Clapton : by Kemper, Peter, Musikclubs zwischen Szene, Stadt und Music Industries : by Kuchar, Robin Counterpoints : by Junod, Philippe, Music and landscape, soundscape and sonic art / Practical audio electronics / by Robinson, Kevin Deep learning techniques for music generation / by Briot, Jean-Pierre Acoustic territories : by LaBelle, Brandon Never ending stories : Electronic and experimental music : by Holmes, Thom The arithmetic of listening : by Gann, Kyle, Edizione critica delle opere di Gioachino Rossini by Rossini, Gioachino, Charlie Hanson : by Larsson, Mats G. Operans natur : Sarah Anna Glover : by Southcott, Jane Der Komponist Heinrich XXIV. Reuß-Köstritz : by Stolle, Michael, Mit 1000 Küssen Deine Fillu : by Fillunger, Marie, From Xenakis's UPIC to graphic notation today / Den blindes käpp : på spaning efter levandegörandets metodik ; På spaning efter Gränsland : en operaexpedition (drömd) / by Perski, Kerstin, Enacting musical time : by Kozak, Mariusz Das Mächtige Häuflein : by Georgiev, Kiril, Singing to the lyre in renaissance Italy : by Wilson, Blake McDowell, The pre-history of 'The midsummer marriage' : by Savage, Roger, Felice Giardini and professional music culture in mid-eighteenth-century London / by Duncan, Cheryll A house full of music : Sämtliche Werke by Wagner, Richard, The musician's mind : by Helding, Lynn, Made in Poland : The practice of musical improvisation : The future of music : by Mazzola, Guerino, Performing knowledge : by Leong, Daphne Philosophy of Western music : by Kania, Andrew En botfärdig synderskas svanesång : by Strand, Karin Briefwechsel Robert und Clara Schumanns mit Korrespondenten in Leipzig 1830 bis 1894 / by Schumann, Robert, Näktergalen : by Tägil, Ingela, Hårdrock : by Lundh, Simon, Andrei Tarkovsky's sounding cinema : by Pontara, Tobias, Briefwechsel Robert und Clara Schumanns mit Joseph Joachim / by Schumann, Robert, Briefwechsel Robert und Clara Schumanns mit Joseph Joachim und seiner Familie / by Schumann, Robert, Briefwechsel Clara und Robert Schumanns mit den Kindern Elise, Ludwig und Felix / by Schumann, Clara, Briefwechsel mit den Verwandten in Zwickau und Schneeberg / by Schumann, Robert, The oral university : by Sæther, Eva, Grunge is Dead / by Prato, Greg Beyond the notes : by Tomes, Susan Edizione critica delle opere di Gioachino Rossini by Rossini, Gioachino, Sampling in der Musikproduktion : by Fischer, Georg, Bellman : by Burman, Carina, Trubbel : by Malmborg, Jan, Ett liv med musiken : by Hammarstedt, Jan, Nineteenth-century opera and the scientific imagination / Beethovens Vermächtnis - die Klaviersonate Opus 111 : by Siedenberg, Markus Bug music : by Rothenberg, David, Musical ethics and Islam : by Şenay, Banu Counterpoint : by Kennicott, Philip Watching jazz : The Janáček compendium / by Simeone, Nigel, Anneliese Landau's life in music : by Hirsch, Lily E., Bach's famous choir : by Maul, Michael, Gustav Mahler : by La Grange, Henry-Louis de, Musical life in Germany / Nostalgia for the future : by Nono, Luigi, Pop 80 / Tanzmusikanten in Mecklenburg / by Müns, Heike Elgitarrer : Continuity and change : by Mtaku, Christopher Yusufu Mahler's forgotten conductor : by Tesler-Mabé, Hernan, New research on old chant : Georg Riedel : Three men of letters : by Puffett, Kathryn Mensuraltheoretische Relevanz und Satztechnik : by Ristory, Heinz, Humane music education for the common good / Music school research II : Elisabeth von Herzogenberg : by Ruhbaum, Antje, Gift dig aldrig med en spelman : by Fahlander, Thomas, Sven-Erik Bäck / by Lundberg, Mattias, Den musiska människans utveckling / Wendy Carlos : by Sewell, Amanda, I've always kept a unicorn : by Houghton, Mick Gaspar Cassadó : by Kaufman, Gabrielle The concertmaster : by Ben-Zeev, Noam, Franz Liszt : by Sundström, Anders Gabriel, Hjördis Schymberg : by Hammarlund, Jan, Stockholms skivaffärer & skivbörsar : by Sörhuus, Torbjörn, Philosophical considerations on contemporary music : by Fronzi, Giacomo, Noter om musik och hälsa / by Theorell, Töres, Andreas Romberg : by Blindow, Martin, Briefe 1952-1956 / by Eisler, Hanns, Nyckelharpan - ett unikt svenskt kulturarv / by Hogmark, Esbjörn, The great violinists / by Campbell, Margaret, Rock your Brain : by Feldmann, Dominik Die Formenwelt des Goldenen Schnitts in Natur und Musik / by Burghardt, Benedikt, Mbira music/musics : Briefe und Briefwechsel. by Adorno, Theodor W., Musik-Stammbücher : by Rost, Henrike Beethoven : by Bonds, Mark Evan, Theatre spaces for music in 18th-century Europe / Listening to the other / by Östersjö, Stefan, Elva studier om kreativitet i musikproduktion : Robert Broberg letar efter sig själv / by Gustafson, Klas, "Mars und die Musen" : Rocken anfaller / by Horgby, Björn, Organ & interpretation : by Crivellaro, Paulo, Proceedings of the 12th Art of Record Production Conference :