Musiklitteratur våren 2021 RSS feed for public list Musiklitteratur våren 2021 A companion to ancient Greek and Roman music / After the dance, the drum are heavy : by Dirksen, Rebecca American gamelan and the ethnomusicological imagination / by Clendinning, Elizabeth A., Birgit Nilsson 100 Brev 1902-1924 / by Taube, Evert, Focal impulse theory : by Ito, John Paul Le cinéma populaire français et ses musiciens / Lyssna på musik : by Lilliestam, Lars, Making it up together : by Tilley, Leslie A. Making sense of recordings : by Walther-Hansen, Mads Musicking in Twentieth-Century Europe : Musikinstrumente und Musizierpraxis zur Zeit Gustav Mahlers Rock 'n' roll sweepstakes : by Devine, Campbell Rock 'n' roll sweepstakes : by Devine, Campbell Sakya Pandita's Treatise on music / by Canzio, Ricardo, Spela för livet : by Holmquist, Göran, Symphonism in nineteenth-century Europe / The lady swings : by Dodgion, Dottie, The meaning of Mariah Carey / by Carey, Mariah,