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245 1 0 _aElectronica, dance and club music /
_cedited by Mark J. Butler
260 _aFarnham :
_ccop. 2012
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_c25 cm
490 1 _aThe library of essays on popular music
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index
505 0 _aIntroduction -- Part I. Production, Performance and Aesthetics: When sound meets movement: performance in electronic dance music / Pedro Peixoto Ferreira -- From refrain to rave: the decline of figure and the rise of ground / Philip Tagg -- Conceptualizing rhythm and meter in electronic dance music / Mark J. Butler -- Producing kwaito: nkosi sikelel' iAfrika after apartheid / Gavin Steingo -- The disc jockey as composer, or how I became a composing DJ / Kai Fikentscher -- On the process and aesthetics of sampling in electronic music production / Tara Rodgers -- The aesthetics of failure: 'post-digital' tendencies in contemporary computer music / Kim Cascone -- 'A pixel is a pixel. A club is a club': toward a hermeneutics of Berlin style DJ and VJ culture / Sebastian Klotz
505 0 _aPart II. The Body, the Spirit and (the Regulation of ) Pleasure: In defence of disco / Richard Dyer -- In the empire of the beat: discipline and disco / Walter Hughes -- 'I want to see all my friends at once': Arthur Russell and the queering of gay disco / Tim Lawrence -- I feel love: disco and its discontents / Tavia Nyong'o -- Sampling sexuality: gender, technology and the body in dance music / Barbara Bradby -- Sampling (hetero)sexuality: diva-ness and discipline in electronic dance music / Susana Loza -- Dancing with desire: cultural embodiment in Tijuana's nor-tec music and dance / Alejandro L. Madrid -- The spiritual economy of nightclubs and raves: osho sannyasins as party promoters in Ibiza and Pune/Goa / Anthony D'Andrea -- Electronic dance music culture and religion: an overview / Graham St John -- Soundtrack to an uncivil society: rave culture / the Criminal Justice Act and the politics of modernity / Jeremy Gilbert
505 0 _aPart III Identities, Belongings and Distinctions: Genres, subgenres, sub-subgenres and more: musical and social differentiation within electronic/dance music communities / Kembrew McLeod -- Exploring the meaning of the mainstream (or why Sharon and Tracy dance around their handbags) / Sarah Thornton -- Women and the early British rave scene / Maria Pini -- Roomful of Asha: gendered productions of ethnicity in Britain's 'Asian Underground' / Falu Bakrania -- 'I want muscles': house music / homosexuality and masculine signification / Stephen Amico -- Mr Mesa's ticket: memory and dance at the Body Positive T-dance / Fiona Buckland -- The death of the dance party / Kane Race -- Post-soul futurama: African American cultural politics and early Detroit techno / Sean Albiez -- Music tourism and factions of bodies in Goa / Arun Saldanha -- The dancer from the dance: the musical and dancing crowds of clubbing / Ben Malbon -- Name index
520 8 _aDiscos, clubs and raves have been focal points for the development of new and distinctive musical and cultural practices over the past four decades. This volume presents the rich array of scholarship that has sprung up in response
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650 0 _aElectronica (Music)
_xHistory and criticism.
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_xHistory and criticism.
650 7 _aElektronisk musik
650 7 _aElektronisk populärmusik
650 7 _aElectronica
650 0 _aUnderground dance music
_xHistory and criticism
700 1 _aButler, Mark J.
_q(Mark Jonathan),
830 0 _aLibrary of essays on popular music
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