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245 1 0 _aClassical concert studies :
_ba companion to contemporary research and performance /
_cedited by Martin Tröndle ; translated from German to English by Erik Dorset.
250 _aEnglish edition first published 2021
264 1 _aNew York ;
_aLondon :
_bRoutledge, Taylor & Francis Group,
264 4 _c©2021
300 _axviii, 362 sidor
_c26 cm
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338 _avolume
500 _aInnehåller bibliografiska referenser och index.
520 _a"Classical Concert Studies: A Companion to Contemporary Research and Performance is a landmark publication that maps out a new interdisciplinary field of Concert Studies, offering fresh ways of understanding the classical music concert in the twenty-first century. It brings together essays, research articles, and case studies from scholars and music professionals including musicians, music managers, and concert designers. Gathering both historical and contemporary cases, the contributors draw on approaches from sociology, ethnology, musicology, cultural studies, and other disciplines to create a rich portrait of the classical concert's past, present, and future. Based on two earlier volumes published in German under the title Das Konzert (The Concert), and with a selection of new chapters written for the English edition, this companion enables students, researchers, and practitioners in the classical and contemporary music fields to understand this emerging field of research, go beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries and methodologies, and spark a renaissance for the classical concert"--
650 7 _aKonserter (framträdanden)
650 7 _aKonsertverksamhet
650 7 _aKlassisk musik
650 7 _aKonstmusik
650 7 _aMusikforskning
700 1 _aTröndle, Martin,
700 1 _aDorset, Erik
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