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245 1 0 _aMaking it heard :
_ba history of Brazilian sound art /
_cedited by Rui Chaves and Fernando Iazzetta.
250 _aPaperback edition
264 1 _aNew York :
_bBloomsbury Academic,
300 _axviii, 274 pages
_c24 cm
336 _atext
337 _aunmediated
338 _avolume
490 1 _aSound studies
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index
505 8 _aForeword: The Clash between Body and Artwork (Ricardo Basbaum, Fluminense Federal University, Brazil) -- Introduction (Rui Chaves and Fernando Iazzetta, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil) -- Part One: Abre-Alas. Sounds from Elsewhere: Episodes for a History of Brazilian Sound Art (Fernando Iazzetta, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil) -- Making Oneself Heard in Public, through Art and in Sound-Based Scholarship (Rui Chaves, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil) -- Part Two: Bateria. Music Is What I Make (Vivian Caccuri, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) -- Radio Art, Cassette Culture, and Networked Artistic Practices: The International Ra(u)dio Art Show (IRAS) in Recife (Yuri Bruscky, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil) -- Part Three: Barrac√£o. Gambiarra's Perspective (Giuliano Obici, Fluminense Federal University, Brazil) -- Listening to the Debris: Brazilian Sound Art and the Low-Technology Economy (Andre Damiao, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil) -- Part Four: Avenida. Being in the Field: Process, Narrativity, and Discovery in the Field-Recording Work of Thelmo Cristovam and Alexandre Fenerich (Paulo Dantas, Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) -- Other Paths to Sonic Cartographies: "Mapa Sonoro CWB" and Its Untethered Soundwalks (Thais Aragao, Federal University of Ceara, Brazil) -- Part Five: Batucada. Out of the Mainstream: Noise and Otherness in the Work of Marie Carangi, Paula Garcia, and Sofia Caesar (Lilian Campesato, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil) -- Counter-Tradition: Toward the Black Vanguard of Contemporary Brazil (GG Albuquerque, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil) -- Engaged Sonorities: Politics and Gender in the Work of Vanessa De Michelis (Tania Mello Neiva, Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil) -- Afterword: The Audibility of Brazilian Sound Art (Ana M. Ochoa Gautier, Columbia University, USA)
520 _a"From the mid-20th century to the present, the Brazilian cultural scene and its art, literature, and music has been witness to a wealth of creative approaches involving sound. This is the backdrop for Making It Heard: A History of Brazilian Sound Art, a volume that offers an overview of local artists working with performance, experimental vinyl production, sound installation, sculpture, radio, field recording, and sound mapping. It criticizes universal approaches to art and music historiography that fail to recognize local idiosyncrasies, and creates a local rationale and discourse. Through this approach, Chavez and Iazzetta enable students, researchers, and artists to discover and acknowledge work produced outside of a standard Anglo-European framework"--Provided by publisher.
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648 7 _a1900-2099
650 7 _aLjudkonst
650 7 _aLjud i konsten
650 7 _aElektronisk musik
650 0 _aSound in art
650 0 _aArts, Brazilian
_y20th century
_xThemes, motives
650 0 _aArts, Brazilian
_y21st century
_xThemes, motives
650 0 _aArt and music
650 0 _aSound installations (Art)
650 0 _aMusic
_y21st century
_xHistory and criticism.
650 0 _aMusic
_y20th century
_xHistory and criticism
650 7 _aArt and music
650 7 _aMusic
650 7 _aSound in art
650 7 _aSound installations (Art)
651 7 _aBrasilien
651 7 _aBrazil
655 7 _aAnalys och tolkning
655 7 _aCriticism, interpretation, etc.
700 1 _aChaves, Rui
700 1 _aIazzetta, Fernando
830 0 _aSound studies
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